The provisional programme for the 2015 Summer School is shown below. This gives you an idea of how the days are ordered to help to plan your visit. The teaching sessions form the basis for most days but there is also educational and/or social activity during the evenings. We will provide access to classrooms into the late evening  and also before breakfast.  The AGWSD Library will also be there with Stuart Groom (AGWSD Chair and Librarian) tempting us to look at the many books on offer. So your days and evenings will be filled with treats from contemplative to the creative. For those who want a break from all that the campus also has a bar.

Attendance at the social events is included in the registration fee for all students (resident and non-resident).  More information about what these mean, and how you can get involved, will follow in a series of blog posts.


The summer school will run for seven days/nights (16-23 August) with the opportunity, as in previous years, to study for the whole event with one tutor working with the same set of students. However in 2015 we also offer the option of mixing and matching, selecting two short courses instead of one longer one or combining a single short course with free time to work independently. 

So  you will be able to study for part of the week (i.e. 16-19 August or 19-23 August) rather than the whole summer school. You will be able to combine two SHORT courses or parts of COMBINED courses to experience two different tutors/topics. You can request space for a personal project for part of the week, or you can opt for the LONG course which fills the whole week (the traditional format for AGWSD summer schools).

The chart shows some ways in which you could select and combine courses.

A list of courses and tutors is now available and you can also download the brochure or read posts about courses written by Summer School tutors. Check the Tutors and Courses tab.

Booking for courses opened on 31st August.  Please check the Booking tab for further information on the fees and process.

Previous Summer Schools
To obtain an idea of what previous AGWSD Summer Schools have offered here are links to past brochures within the Extra Info tab.

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