Booking closed on 31 Dec 2014. The waiting list closed on 31 March. Please do not send a booking form/deposit as we have no spaces left. The AGWSD is already planning the 2017 and 2019 summer schools so check the AGWSD website from Autumn 2015 for more news - 

The remainder of this page contains historical booking information which explains the pricing and the process.


Please refer to brochure (see Tutors and Courses page) for information about long and short course (part week) options. The Venue page provides further information about types of accommodation.

The type of accommodation chosen affects the price of your Summer School. The duration of your stay also affects the price. As companions (non-students who are residents on site) do not receive teaching or student packed lunches their fee is different from students using comparable accommodation.

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* You need to add an £50 additional charge if you are not a guild member (7 nights), £25 (3-4 nights)


As is customary students are required to pay a deposit as part of their booking. Your deposit will be banked on receipt but returned in full if you cannot be allocated a place on one of your preferred course(s). The level of the deposit varies with the cost of your course, with a lower level of deposit for Bursary applicants.

Options E1 or S1: £200 per person (whether student or companion)
Option C1, C2 or C3: £100 per student and £50 per companion (if 16+)
Bursary applicants: £75 deposit - with bursary application code
All other options: £100 per student (or residential companion)

Students will be notified of allocation of a place during January 2015 with the balance of payments due before 31stMarch 2015. After 1st April course places are not held and deposits will not be refunded unless the course place can be sold elsewhere.

Companions will be notified of allocation of a place during January 2015 with full payment due before 31st March 2015. Note that Companions pay their deposit AFTER the student they accompany is allocated a place.


You can book your course using an online form or by downloading a Word or PDF version to send back as an attachment. Links will go live on 31st August.

Online booking form (A copy will be sent to you automatically by email)
Downloadable booking form (PDF) to print out and send in by post.  (Editable Word version is available by special request - email
These forms are organized differently but ask for the same information.You only need to submit one type of form.

The form provides choices in how you can pay your deposit. This deposit must be received by 31 December 2014 to complete the booking process and allow course allocation. (Note that the new Paypal option is not yet operational. If you select this option we will email you to tell you when its open).


You are asked to choose up to three courses or course combinations which you would like to study at Summer School. You are not required to put these courses in order of preference (rated 1st, 2nd or 3rd), but if you have a special reason for wishing to study a specific course (e.g. this is linked to your Certificate of Achievement work) then state these reasons in the Special Notes section of the form. We will take this information into account in allocation of places.

Only choose options that you are happy to study, as your allocation will be based on those choices.

If we are unable to offer you a place on any of your choices you will be informed of alternatives (if available) and will be able to cancel the booking with your deposit returned.


If you have applied for a bursary you will be asked to include the application code on your summer school booking form and eligible to pay the reduced deposit of £75 to book your place.

Further information and form for Bursary scheme (Word format)

Further information and form for Bursary scheme (PDF format)


Note that in 2015 the residential options range from en-suite to camping and students can also apply for short courses (either two of these as a full week, or as a short-week option). If you choose two short courses your fee will be the same as if you study for a single course all week. If you choose a short course plus a project period the fee will be the same as for a full week. You will be allocated space in which to carry out Project activity and offered a free place on the Wednesday visit (for which an additional cost is normally charged).


Both Guild member and non-Guild rates (£50 extra for a full week, £25 extra for part week) will be offered. You may wish to explore joining a 'land' guild or the online guild before booking your summer school place. The AGWSD tab provides information about all guilds.


Following requests for an online payments system for 2015 we are expected to (shortly) offer a Paypal option in addition to cheque and BACS (bank transfer) below. Paypal allows payment to be made via credit card, however they charge us a fee, so you will be asked to pay a small surcharge if you book using this system.

  • Cheques should be made payable to AGWSD Summer School in £sterling
    and posted to WSDSS15, Frog Hall, London Road, Stretton-on-Dunsmore,
    Warwickshire CV23 9HU, UK
  • Online bank payments can be made to the Summer School account
        BACS Account number 10247599, sort code
  • Payment via Paypal (this requires a £2.50 fee per transaction to cover additional costs). 

  • Choose Deposit amount
    Includes £2.50 transaction fee

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