Sunday, 8 November 2015

Summer school is ended ... but not forgotten!

Summer School and its Open Day were inspiring immersive experiences for those that were there. Too busy to have time to post about them in this blog (sorry). However many aspects were 'captured' online in tweet, post and photo format. The overview links are shown in the navigation on the right of the screen, but below are further links and more information about these. If you have uploaded something that we should include in this list then please let us know (you can contact which will be monitored until the end of 2015).

Storify of the 2015 summer school
This was prepared by Katie Weston as a chronological and ordered account of summer school. Good place to get an overview. It draws heavily on ...

AGWSD Twitter account 
This has summer school as it happened. You will find tweets from PolyphemusBob here - such digitally talented silkworms!

Flickr pool of shared photos
A collective album shared over 300 photos taken by students and visitors.

Tutor posts about summer school 
Isabella Whitworth (wax resist on silk)
-  Susan J Foulkes (narrow band weaving)  Part 1 Part 2
Alison Daykin (design for the terrified)

Student blog about summer school 
- Katie Weston  (student on wax resist and rigid heddle courses)

Visitors blog about the Open Day
Englishgirlathome (Birmingham guild visitor)
Needlesofsteel  (Non-guild member)

Thank you...

We've shut the green door on the office and completed post-summer school tasks. So some final thanks are in order ...

Thank you to those that took the time to share their memories online and special thanks to Katie Weston who led on the Twitter account and made the Storify for us. Thank you also to the prefects who helped tutors and fellow students throughout the week and organised the excerpts from each class which will be published in The Journal Spring issue (J257). 

Thank you also to the many volunteers (and spouses) who helped make the event happen and kept it on track - from stewards to cake makers, from auction, fashion show and trade fair crews to speakers, from ticket sellers to clean up crews with special thanks to the team who helped organise both before and at summer school. Big thanks also to the many lovely students and their talented tutors. We have absorbed your feedback and passed this on to the 2017 team.

More information upcoming AGWSD events including the next summer school can be found in the Events section on the AGWSD website.