Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ply-Splitting in Two and Three Dimensions

A message from Julie Hedges about her summer school course.

You may well ask “What is Ply-Split Braiding?” and when I answer “It is the method used to make camel girths in India” you may wonder why on earth you would you want to learn about it, unless you have a camel!

Well, it turns out that it is a relatively simple braiding method and, being an ‘off-loom’ technique, it is both portable and versatile. Also, you need very little equipment to get started.
It can be used to make anything from dog leads, belts, curtain tie-backs, bracelets and earrings to mats, hats, scarves, bags, handles, baskets and sculptural pieces. The highly twisted plied cords can be made from a variety of yarn from fine silk, cotton or linen through to heavy rug yarn or even sisal or paper cord. You can also make cords from warp ends and make co-ordinating cords or braids to go with your weaving, for bags, cushions etc.

The workshops on offer can stand alone, or ideally, the second one will be a development of the first or joined by those who have some knowledge of ply-splitting.
The basic requirements are enthusiasm, some patience and an enjoyment of working with yarn and colour.

In the first workshop, we will concentrate on designs that can be used for jewellery or accessories. Using prepared 4 ply cotton cords you will make samples of several different ply-splitting methods and develop your designs, making your own cords. I will supply a variety of yarn, but you may like to bring your own, to explore cord-making. This will include the use of multiple strands, ‘thicks and thins’, striped, spotted, S and Z, cords. Smooth non-hairy yarn works well.

In the second workshop, A number different starting methods will be introduced to make three-dimensional vessels and sculptural pieces. Make your own cords and work in the scale and yarn of your choice, to make vessels, dishes, or sculptural pieces based on natural forms.

Do look at my web site for examples of finished pieces:

If you have any queries about the course/s, do email me:    julie.hedges at