Friday, 17 July 2015

'Showing off' at summer school

In the month running up to the start of summer school we will be sharing some of the events that are happening there. In this post Ruth McCartney of Coventry Guild shares plans for the fashion show on Thursday 20th August and asks for early information about entries. (Remember that if you are not attending as a student you can still sample some Summer School fun on the Open Day on Saturday, 22 August).

Those of you who are “old hands” at Summer School may be rummaging through your projects from 2014 and 2015 to find items you would like to share with us in the Fashion Show. If this is the case then please keep searching, as another fashion show will take place this summer. For new members to Summer School, hopefully I have caught your attention and you are looking for more information.

The Fashion Show this year we are hoping will be bigger than before and we know many have not been to one before - hence the forward notice. The type of items we are looking for can be anything that you would like to share with others, so demonstrating weaving, spinning or dyeing skills, construction techniques or imaginative objects that you feel would inspire, encourage or interest other members this summer. These can have been made prior to attending summer school or indeed made during one of the classes during the week. To help us plan, it would be useful to have information now on the item/s that you are thinking of bringing with you.
Andrea Cross shows off
some woolly items at Summer School 2013

You can use this form (link) so that you can let us know the important details. We want to give your item the best introduction when it hits the catwalk. The form asks key questions including about:
  • Skills you used to make the item; 
  • Whether items should be grouped or shown together; 
  • Interesting background details to describe the inspiration, planning and construction that may be of interest to others whilst the item is being shown. 
As much advance notice as possible is requested about what you may be showing so that we can start to plan the event. We hope to accommodate as many items as time permits, but please read the form and note possible restrictions.

If you have items to show you can download an entry form HERE (click download to make a copy to write on/print out). Please return this as an attachment to an email addressed to Blank printed forms will also be available from the summer school office while at summer school.

If you have any queries about the fashion show before summer school starts please email Ruth at - she will be pleased to help. She looks forward to finding out more about your proposed exhibits (as do we all!).