Monday, 27 July 2015

Summer School Silent Auction - call for sellers (and buyers)

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Ann Baseden might recognise the felted object?
The best way to stash or de-stash (individually or as a guild) may be on hand if you are attending the summer school auction or know someone who is doing so. Pictured are a few of the things which we expect to be offered as part of the silent auction this year. There are also larger equipment items (e.g. an Ashford Joy (single treadle) with bag offered by Stratford guild. Items both large and small are welcome but they do need to relate to the activities of the Association. You also need some way to get them there on the day.

You can offer items as donations (in which case they will start with a low reserve and 100% of income will go to the AGWSD bursary fund). Or you can also sell on commission (in which case you get 80% of the sale price and the bursary fund gets 20%). You can also just go along to look and buy (we encourage you to do this).

Brenda Crocker of Cotswold Guild explains a little more here ...

Now is a good time to sort out all those pieces of equipment, wool, books and anything else you would like to enter into the Silent Auction.  It will be held in Moreton Morrell Sports Hall on Wednesday August 19th and run from 10am to 8pm (for viewing/bidding). First bid must be made by the owner of any item, this to be the lowest amount you will accept (the reserve price). Sellers need to fill in the form and bring this with the item for sale between 8am and 10am on the morning of the sale. 

At the end of the Auction the hall must be cleared.  So if any item offered on commission is not sold you must make sure you or a friend collects it.  Please fill in the form to bring with you with your Auction goodies to sell. 

You can download the form for sellers using this link or complete one on the day.  Please read the terms outlined on the form. If you have any queries please email